Saturday, 31 March 2012

1.15 Pink

I absolutely love this photo. An the trousers - to die for. 

I feel so bad for abandoning my blog for the last few weeks - it has been really hectic. I will aim to catch up in the next week or so. Thanks for stopping by.  

Sunday, 25 March 2012

1.14 Box x 2

I have received my two boxes on Friday - 1st - Glossybox, 2nd - Joliebox. It felt like Xmas - really good treat after an ultra busy week. Although Glossybox had this Harrods Limited edition box, I was far more pleased with Joliebox. Couple of reasons: 

- the RRP is significantly higher of the products included in Joliebox. Most of them - full size, not samples

- I love trying new brands, and that is exactly what Joliebox gave me - a box of items of the brands I have never heard before (except Eyeko)

By the way, I have already tried Yardley shower cream and I really love it !  - get it here

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

1.13 Yellow game

An alternative take on a white dress. This feels more like me on a daily basis, where I am required to follow the rules of a smart dress code.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

1.12 Spring'ed out

The spring is finally here. The perfect time for a perfect white dress. I think I will be wearing a lot of white  this spring; I just feel so tired of black, grey, brown and everything in between. Spring is just the right time to be colourful, experiment with different shades and get neon out of the system (it is getting a little bit addictive). 

Wearing: Zara heels, Asos dress, Asos harness, Topshop jacket

Photos by Eimantas @

Sunday, 4 March 2012

1.11 Idle

I bought this Stylestalker dress couple of days ago and was very keen on wearing it this Sunday. However, the weather here is absolutely crazy - it was raining in the morning, snowing at lunchtime and is getting brighter in the evening. Despite the horrible weather conditions, I could not resist wearing it.. It is as PERFECT dress. Dreamy, but at the same time bold and edgy. I must admit, I love most of the Stylestalker items from their SS 12 collection. It is a shame though that this brand is based in Australia and ASOS only has 20 odd items. Nevertheless, I am officially one of the biggest Stylestalker fans and I am currently planning my next Stylestalker purchase.

Wearing: Stylestalker Youth Revolt Spiked Shoulder Dress (here - and Topshop earrings. 

Photos by: Eimantas at AEPhotograpxic (here -

Saturday, 3 March 2012

1.10 Beauty Box

I get as excited about new make up as I get excited about new clothes. I am particularly keen on trying new cosmetics and I tend to buy new things all the time. If I bought a particular cosmetics or make-up item twice in row, it means - it is exceptionally good. It only happened on a few occasions though, so I am still hunting for these perfect, exceptional brands and items that I can really stick to. 

Fortunately, I have come across this new, innovative concept - 'beauty box', which started in US, but it now getting quite popular here, in UK. The idea behind the 'beauty box' is simple - you buy a subscription and every month they send you a box of new cosmetics/make up to try. 

Here is a list of companies that provide this service in UK: 

GlossyBox - 
Price: £10 + 2.95 p+p / month

JolieBox -
Price: £10 + 2.95 p+p / month

Carmine -
Price: £10 + 2.75 p+p / month

Price: £10 incl p+p / month

She said beauty -
Price: £10 + 2.95 p+p / month

I have decided to start with GlossyBox and JolieBox. I will share my views with you here, on this blog. Can't wait to receive my first box! (2 actually!!)

Friday, 2 March 2012